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Why can't I get the flowers I want


You've had your consultation and received your proposal.  My wedding is in September, why can't I get the peonies that I love so much?  Many flowers are seasonal.  Popular flowers like anemones, rannuncula, peonies,daffodils, hyacinth to name a few are not available year round.  Your florist may be able to find a favorite flower from other countries where  those flowers are in season, you will however pay a premium price and the quality may or may not be there.  When you see that perfect bouquet in a magazine you have to keep in mind those photos were taken months ago.  Any designer lucky enough to be chosen by a magazine to feature a wedding bouquet is going to choose the creme de la creme of flowers currently available.  I would certainly do the same if my work were being showcased!  But be aware, those flowers were chosen for their beauty for a photo shoot that will last an hour, not for a bouquet that will be out of water for an entire day, carried around, photographed, carried around some more and will probably be in most of your photographs.  Your florist should be able to tell you how certain flowers perform, their seasons and if they will still be lovely at the end of your wedding day.  If you live in a rural area and flowers have to be flown in you have to be extra careful which flowers you choose.  Some flowers just do not ship well.  I find its always a good idea to advise my brides that there is always a chance a planned seasonal flower can  become unavailable.   Crops grow depending on weather, if it was cool and rainy last year and the anemones were spectacular, this year  it could turn hot a couple weeks early and those flowers will not be available. Try to be a little flexible and understanding when your florist calls you and tells you the anemones or peonies will not be available.  We don't like it any more than you do, but mother nature cannot be controlled.  The same holds true if you are dealing with local community growers.  Heat, cold, rain, hail and winds can destroy a crop overnight.  

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