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What to expect at your consultation

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Hopefully when you arrive at your consultation you will have provided the florist an outline of what you desire for your wedding.  The first step, and I think its really important, is to chat a bit and get to know one another.  This will "break the ice" and give you both a chance to settle into the consult.  It will give the florist a sense of what you are passionate about and your sense of style.  The florist will look at any photos you have and show you their portfolios.  There is no point in perusing 50 portfolio books if have a sense of what you want.  Your wedding is unique to you and looking at 100 other weddings will only confuse and overwhelm you.  Trust your florist to guide you to photos that have the look and feel of the wedding you want but not "your" wedding.  Florists expect questions and should be able to answer them clearly so that you know exactly what they will and won't do during the planning process.   They may ask what your budget is, I'm on the fence about this.  I like to let my brides give me the wedding of their dreams and base the first proposal on those dreams.   Once you see your dream on paper and the cost involved to achieve those dreams you have a baseline to start at.  Your florist should be able and willing to adjust your dream up or down, within reason, to fit your budget.  You do have to be realistic.  You cannot expect a bouquet of roses, peonies and hydrangea to be $35.00, but  here are always ways to cut or add to a budget so that you are happy.     Next up:  why can't I get the flowers I want and why do they cost so much.

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