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How do I choose a florist to do my wedding flowers?

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When you start looking for a florist it is always a good idea to ask other vendors for references.  I would say 90% of brides have already chosen their venue, gown, bridesmaids dresses, tuxedos and caterer before starting to look for a florist.  Make a list of recommended florists first.  Then you can do a simple google search and look at websites in the area.  Make another list.  Don't just call a florist and ask "what do you charge for weddings?"  Any reputable florist will not simply toss out a number without knowing what you want or expect.  If they do, beware.  That is a red flag.  For the most part package deals do not exist today as they once did.  Packages are never a good idea.  It means they give you little or no choice and your flowers will likely have a manufactured look.  I have met few brides that simply do not care what flowers are used or what they will look like for their wedding day!   Stay tuned for more!

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